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The friendly societies industry’s engagement with key government stakeholders in the short to medium-term future will be informed by evidence gathered through a Perceptions Audit, which is being conducted by the Friendly Societies of Australia (FSA).

The Perceptions Audit, which has just commenced, will involve the FSA – through advocacy service provider MCM Strategic Communications – seeking information from 20 key government and other external stakeholders to ascertain the level of awareness they have about the FSA, its key policy positions, the effectiveness of communication of key messages by the FSA and any other relevant topic.

To attempt to ensure the responses received during the interviews are as forthright as possible, no member of the FSA will be present for the interviews and all responses from stakeholders will be aggregated.

A key component of the Perceptions Audit will be benchmarking the advocacy activities of the FSA alongside other representative organisations, including organisations who represent other industries.

The final report on the Perceptions Audit is expected to be provided to the FSA by the end of this year and it will be used to inform the FSA’s government relations strategy going forward.


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