Friendly Societies


The Friendly Societies of Australia (FSA) is governed by an Executive Committee, which also, effectively, forms the working group for our association (the FSA has no permanent staff). All services required by the FSA are either provided on a voluntary basis by the members of the Executive Committee employed by member organisations or are contracted for on an as-needed basis.

Each member of the FSA is assigned a position on the Executive Committee. The positions of President, Vice President and Treasurer are voted on at the FSA Annual General Meeting.

Members of the FSA Executive Committee (and the organisation they represent) are:

  • President – Mr Adnan Glinac (Australian Unity)
  • Vice President – Ms Mandy Cooper (Australian Friendly Society)
  • Treasurer – Mr Tony Connon
  • Mr Steve Aspinall (KeyInvest)
  • Mr Craig Bell (Foresters Friendly Society)
  • Mr Michael Blake (Centuria Capital)
  • Ms Mary-Ann Cook (Sureplan Friendly Society)

Mr Tony Jacob is Chair of the FSA Tax Committee.


Past Presidents of the FSA:

  • Mr Murray Campbell (Australian Unity)
  • Mr Chris Wright (KeyInvest)
  • Mr Terry O’Connell (ASG – Australian Scholarships Group Friendly Society)
  • Mr Matt Walsh (Australian Unity)
  • Mr Tony Connon (NobleOak)


Past Executive Directors of the FSA:

  • Mr Terry Curtin
  • Mr Martyn Pickersgill
  • Ms Jane Southwell

From 2008-2017, secretariat support for the FSA was provided by the Customer Owned Banking Association.


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